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nick chandreyee12bs
country India
languages English




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  • MBA in Marketing and HR(Batch of 2007)
  • BA in Economics (Batch of 2005)
  • Work Experience

    • Worked in an Educational institute for 4 years
    • Given home tutoring to students for 3 years.
    • Teac hing online since 8 months 

    Experience: 7 years

    About me


     A beginner, an intermediate or advanced learner , can try my classes   to build command over the language.Based upon individual needs like grammar,vocabulary, improving fluency,punctutaion,comprehension.I possess expertise to teach them and you will gradually gain confidence and accuracy in it.My teaching style will definitely impress you.Possesing knowledge and imparting them using right techniques are two different parameters  and does not necessarily  comprehend each other.You may possess knowledge but do not know how to share it to people.I have caliber of both..I teach children as well as young learners and adults.Learning English is not so difficult as you all think.It is the game of words.English is a wonderful language and explore it to the best possible way.Learn the terms Homonyms,Homographs and Homyphones and their applications. The picture composition is definitely a key feature in English.The techniques used to extract information from a picture and translating it in  the form of words will add a benefit to your knowledge.My first lecture  will be free and you will definitely like my teaching style.I welcome all my young learners to grab this opportunity soon.You can also reach me via skype or google hangout.

     Why choose me as a Tutor

    • There will be 10 minutes of vocabulary session in each class to build your library of words
    • Assignment excercises will be provided on each topic  to improve your English grammar in every class
    • 20 minutes free test  lesson 
    • Reasonable price
    • Structured sessions to improve your overall English competency in reading, writing,listening and speaking
    • Provide pictures and materials to help you improve your speaking ability
    • My classes will be interactive as well as full of fun
    • You will be comfortable with me as I am a very cool tempered person 
    • There will be a seperate class  of 15 minutes for enquiry or solving doubts which are left uncleared.
    • Taught various students from different countries like Dubai,Russia,Uk,Kazakh etc
    • Plan and pricing
    • 5 Classes- 1 hour each class -30$(5% discount)
    • 10 classes-1 hour each class-60$(10% discount)
    • 15 classes-1 hour each class-90$(15% discount)