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nick Nanditha.Radha
country India
languages English


Academia:< /p>

Master’s degree in Mathematics from Osmania University in 2002
Bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Osmania University in 1997

Certifica tions:

Certif ication in Vedic Maths
Certification in Computing
A certificate in proficiency in Hindi – Praveena certificate from Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachaar Sabha.

Professional Experience:

I nstitute/Employer: Home Tuitions, Hyderabad

Duration: June 2012 to Apr 2017

Institute/Employe r: Durga Coaching Institute for Mathematics, Nellore

Duration: June 2001 to Nov 2003

Designation: Math Tutor

Tutored Mathematics for students from class V to X.
Explanation and Applications of the topics including Algebra, Trigonometry, Statistics and probability with the subject connection to the real world.
Clarification of doubts every day and preparing the students for their school/college and Board assessment tests.
Individual support and personal attention to the struggling students.
Created awareness about Vedic Maths by conducting a seminar and trained students in Vedic Maths and explained its application in the real world.

Institute/Emplo yer: Lily School

Duration: June 2012 to April 2013

Designation: Math Teacher

The role is about using games and other tools, including computers to motivate and create interest towards the subject.
Also instructed about social skills and personal hygiene as they are also important for a personality development.
Conducted some quizzes and brain teaser activity programs to boost the confident levels in the students.

Institute/Em ployer: Chegg India Ltd

Duration: June 2012 to April 2013

Designation: MNE (Managed Network Expert)

As a subject matter expert, delivered solutions for text books exercises specifically on the topics like Algebra (Exponents and Powers, Polynomials and Quadratic Equations) in the specified time.

Institute/Employ er: Kakatiya Junior College, Warangal

Duration: Jul 2005 to June 2006

Institute/Employe r: Sangamitra Junior College

Duration: July 2002 to Dec 2002

Designation: Mathematics Tutor

Clarified doubts related to the topics like Algebra, calculus, coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.
Explained where the subject is used in the real world and its application in daily life.
Preparing the students for the Assessment tests and Board Examinations

Institute /Employer: Lotus National School, Warangal

Duration: Apr 2004 to Feb 2005

Designation: Mathematics Teacher

Worked as a subject Teacher and explained and taught math topics including Measurements, Fractions, Least Common Multiple, Greatest Common divisor etc.
Designed and presented comprehensive Lesson plans, which incorporate Scaffolding, ensuring that each student is able to retain and understand the materials in hand.
Collaborate with colleagues to integrate new activities and allocate effective resources.

Institute/E mployer: NIIT, Nellore

Duration: June 1999 to June 2000

Institute/Employe r: TIME Institute, Hyderabad

Duration: March 1998 to March 1999

Designation: Student Advisor/Counselor

Coun seled the Students about the courses and helped them in choosing the correct course for the career.

Experience: 7 years

About me

A Math Teacher with exceptional mathematical knowledge, logical thinking, good verbal communication skills with Passion in teaching new and effective techniques and facilitate effective student learning in the area of Mathematics.

Flexible and organized educational professional with more than 7 years of teaching expertise with an unparalleled ability to explain complicated mathematical concepts in an easily understandable manner.