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nick lreinosoy
country Venezuela
languages English, Spanish


I am a college degree professional that graduated with a Bachelor in Architecture (Major in Design) from the University Of Illinois in “Chicago Circle”, on August 11th 1980. Due to the Venezuelan Economic recession during the 80’s and 90’s I pursued my professional efforts into Information Technology and Computer Science, and dedicated the next 18 years of my professional life to master the trade of the Information Technology work environment. And starting as a Systems Analyst for the Procter & Gamble Company, escalated to the position of “Information Technology Manager for Distributors in Venezuela”, to later work as a IT consultant for a major Supermarket Chain in Venezuela (Unicasa Supermarket chain), where I developed the master plan for their new distribution system. After the September 11th 2002 attacks on the WTC, that marked also the end of my consulting contract, I decided to shift my professional career drastically and it was then, when I first became interested in “Education” as a way of life, and began doing some volunteer work in teaching at a Catholic School in the fields of English as a Second Language, Spanish, Art, Chess, and Computer Science. The teaching world captivated me and I decided to go back to college in 2005 to obtain the much needed coaching on “Planning, Teaching and Evaluation” I did this by completing a training program prepared by the Metropolitan University – Caracas, to make teachers out of non teaching professionals, through the program: “Teaching Training for non Education Professionals”, this program lasted 700 hours (300 Hrs. in class and 400 Hrs. supervised Practice). Later on, and because of my background in the IT world, when I became interested in “Virtual Training”, I completed in 2006 a training program with “Universidad Yacambu”, named “Virtual Teacher” During that program; I consolidated a training package and e-book for teaching English as a Second Language for “Universidad Yacambu”. Later this same University offered me a Job as a “Teacher of English as a Second Language”.

Experience: 5 years

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