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nick pspoon270
country Italy
languages English, Italian, Spanish


⦁ Taught Business English to the following Italian companies/corporate clients: PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Reply, Gucci, Trenitalia, Pfizer, Merck, MedioBanca, BancoPopolare, CheBanca, KPMG, Sinteco, AXA, Retelit, LyondellBasell, Mondadori
⦁ Taught Business English to the following notable people: Danilo Pellegrino (assistant to Silvio Berlusconi), Samira Saman(Miss Equador 2014 Candidate), Catalina Maya(Colombian Model), and Vicky Azuero(Miss Model of the World 1988)
⦁ Taught top level executives, presidents, managers, lawyers, and professionals
⦁ Managed different class sizes from private classes to group courses
⦁ In addition to normal teaching aids, I used different teaching aids in the classroom like Powerpoint Presentations, Microsoft tools, and Social Media
⦁ Taught different levels. From absolute beginner to near native speaker
⦁ Experience with level checking and needs assessment
⦁ Experience writing lesson plans/course design
⦁ Taught specific skills/topics that include( but are not limited to): creating presentations, writing emails, office etiquette, innovation, trade shows, leasing, swot analysis, renewable energy, resume writing, interviews, negotiating, the internet, architecture, social media, travelling, health and safety, ecommerce, web 2.0/3.0, business trends(macro and micro), telephoning, project management, marketing, communications, time management, leadership, exporting, employment packages, reading financial statements, mergers/acquisitions, investing, Wall St./stock market
⦁ Proofreading/Editing
⦁ Taught mixed level group classes
⦁ Business English Teacher with Inlingua for about 3 years
⦁ Tesol Certification - December 2014
⦁ Private Mother Tongue English Teacher(United States of America)
⦁ Obtained degree in Business Management from Purdue University
⦁ 20+ years of Business/Sales/Marketing Experience/Education
⦁ Entrepreneurial projects/experience
⦁ 9+ years of Internet Marketing experience

Work Experience
English Teacher for Inlingua April 2013-July 2014/November 2014-May 2016
Paul Witherspoon Consulting July 2016-Present
Private English Teacher November 2009-Present

Bachelor of Science in Business Management May 2004
Krannert School of Management, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN
Tesol Certification December 2014

Experience: 8 years

About me

Do you need Business English to get a better job?,
Do you need Business English for job interviews?
Do you need Business English for job presentations?
Do you need Business English to feel more confident at work?

Most English learners have studied English for years without good results. They have studied grammar. They have done many boring exercises. They had non-native teachers at school. They have practiced for hundreds and thousands of hours, but they still have a low/intermediate level of English.

They have tried many things. But, nothing seems to work. They have prepared for exams, they have watched many movies in English, they have read grammar books.

They are searching. They are looking for a solution.

At work, when they have meetings in English, they don’t feel confident. They don’t want to speak in meetings because they are afraid to look “stupid”. When they write emails, they use Google Translate many times to help them.

They feel “stuck”. They feel embarrassed.

Many English learners have to prepare for job interviews in English. They do not feel ready to speak in English at these interviews. They don’t feel “confident”.

At work, they have an opportunity to grow their career, but they need to learn Business English first.

In many cases, they cannot grow their career without learning Business English.

If they don’t learn English, they are losing opportunities. They are losing money!

Here are a few of my clients:

“One thing I liked was his way of showing things under different perspectives.”
-Laila Rodriguez (Image consultant)

“I contacted Paul because I needed to improve my English. Paul helped me to improve my English with effective methods in a short period of time.”
-Lucia Zanarelli (Medio Banca)

“I liked Paul’s originality and his use of media (video, pc, podcast, etc..) in the lessons
-Fabrizio Bernazzani (Manager for Banco Popolare)

“I found the experience to be really useful. Paul surprised me not only for his expertise as an English teacher, but his ability to keep me stimulated professionally and personally.”
-Sara Romito (Account Manager for Instore SRL)

Companies that I have worked with:
PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Gucci, Trenitalia, Pfizer, Merck, MedioBanca, BancoPopolare, CheBanca, KPMG, Sinteco, AXA, Retelit, LyondellBasell, Mondadori, Reply

Taught Business English to the following notable people:
Danilo Pellegrino (assistant to Silvio Berlusconi),
Samira Saman(Miss Equador 2014 Candidate),
Catalina Maya(Colombian Model),
and Vicky Azuero(Miss Model of the World 1988)

****Special Offer for Members***

For a limited time I am giving you a Free 30 Minute Trial Lesson to help you with your Business English challenges.

I'm going to share with you 4 things:

Free evaluation of your level (I will send you a short test to better understand your level).
The biggest mistakes most English learners make when trying to become fluent
The biggest difference between successful students and unsuccessful students
A customized plan for your level that you can use immediately!

When you understand “why” it is difficult to learn English and you use the strategies I will teach you. You will start to see results quickly. You will begin to understand why it was difficult in the past. You will feel more confident. Most importantly, you will continue to learn and grow!

You will become more fluent.

This trial lesson takes about 30 minutes. And you will be speaking with me personally.
And I will help you to identify what you already know and help you to find a strategy to dramatically increase your fluency. You will have more clarity, more confidence, and more fun!

This free trial lesson is for:

Business professionals, business owners, and entreprenuers that want to increase their fluency in Business English and see consistent growth.

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the intense one on one time needed to provide results. I am almost full with clients in my 10 week program, but I have room for a few more clients.

I only work with clients who I know I can provide results for. I can only work with 5 new learners at a time.

I'm looking for only 2 clients this week. Please understand that this window of opportunity won't be available for long.
What I've found is that those who have the ability to make decisions and act quickly are the most likely to get results and are the most likely to become my best clients and we will see your English fluency grow very fast!

Since I am new to, my price has been reduced a lot. After I receive testimonials, the price will increase. Your opportunity to change your life is here. Now is the time.

****For your Free 30 Minute Trial Lesson, get a trial lesson with me here on****


* I have over 2100+ teaching hours

"The results were good in my opinion: ..... I feel more confident if I have to meet some customers / suppliers who speak English"
-Raimondo Penta (Head of Product Development, CheBanca S.P.A.)