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Science / Physics

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nick Shahrukh.Qamar
country Pakistan
languages English, Hindi, Urdu


After doing my B.Sc Electrical Engineering from top university of Pakistan (UET Lahore) three years back, I have recently completed my M.Sc Electrical from same University. I was topper in my GCSE exam. My passion and love for physics stirres me each moment to share my knowledge with other people who are curious to gain it. I have almost 5 years experience. I am committed and result oriented. I just don't deliever rough concepts rather also tell my students their implementation because my Engineering Background.

Recently, I am serving in Beaconhouse a Cambridge school as  a Physics lecturer to A Level.

Experience: 5 years

About me

Their beauty is rooted, first, in the laws’ symmetry, here meaning the possibility of change without change – a precise yet almost mystical concept. Just as a circle can be rotated about its center at any angle, changing the position of each of its points without changing its form, symmetric laws apply to changed situations without changing or losing validity. For example, special relativity asserts that the fundamental laws of physics remain the same when we view the world from a platform moving at constant velocity. Similarly, so-called time translation symmetry encodes the uniformity of physical law in time: Even as the universe ages, the laws remain the same.

The second source of beauty in the laws of physics is their productivity – what I call their exuberance. Just a handful of basic principles generates an astonishing wealth of consequences – everything in the physical world! You can write the equations of the core theories of physics – known as the standard model – quite comfortably on a T-shirt. To paraphrase Hertz, they give back far more than we put in.