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nick margaryan
country Italy
languages Armenian, English, Italian, Russian


Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration

Master' s Degree in European Studies 


Experience: 4 years

About me

Hi, I am Paytsar, but you can call me Pate for short :) 
I am not a native speaker, however English has been the indivisible part of my tertiary education and career path. 
- English as the language of instruction for my bachelor's and master's degree programmes (in total 6 years)
- English as my working language (in total 4 years).
I would like to tell you in short about my motivation to be here. 
Before reaching the high level of proficiency in English I have gone through many obstacles. As an ''outsider'' I know and fully understand the challenges one may face in his/her attempt to learn English. The assessment of the challenges of learning a foreign language has allowed me to develop a learning plan which encompasses all the important elements required for students to learn English in the most productive way. Based on your level of knowledge of English, time and a number of other factors the learning plan will be adapted to your needs. You will be provided with all the materials necessary for your daily English lesson. 
Before embarking on this online journey of teaching English, I have worked in the field of humanitarian relief, as an External Relations Assistant. Along with a number of responsibilities assigned to me, I taught English to persons displaced from different parts of the world, in the frame of an integration project. I enjoyed working with people from diverse backgrounds. And now I would like to continue teaching English on this online platform and have the opportunity to meet new people who believe in themselves and have the desire to learn English. I strongly believe that English is the language which brings us together for communication and understanding, despite all the physical barriers that we are surrounded with. 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.