Fluent English learning through games and fun!

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nick Attaergo
country Romania
languages English, Romanian


For about a year now, I am an Online English teacher working for a Chinese company and wish to extend my lessons for other students around the world.

My education is self formed through relationships and their depths I have had with my students and I have everyone of them to thank and consider when thinking or speaking about my education.


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About me

My aim and my great interest is to teach English with fun, joy and laughter, and I also plan to make my students be able to teach English to others if they so choose to.

Every student can teach a teacher and every teacher can teach a student, as we are all Life students!

I do not believe in the old dogmas of 'hard work' as it is only creating the stress that the mind does not need when learning, but on the contrary, from my experience in every skill mastery, our minds learn by curiosty, fun and intriguing ideas.

The right kind of education is through discovery of everyone's freedom and its implications in our everyday life. My English classes are dedicated to open minded students who wish to learn English pronunciation, improve their comprehension and overall express their ideas and feelings in a very simple but effective way.

The subjects of the lessons can be very well dynamically changed by the students if they feel like on the duration of the lessons, and we can speak about everything they find interesting and worthwhile, all this while mainting an English class in which I will correct and help them.