What motivates you?

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Body & Mind / Motivation

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Tell a personal story about motivation: some experience or opportunity which impelled you to get outside your comfort zone. (Think of a travel adventure, family emergency, or opportunity that involved some risk. What moved you to make the choices you did?) Talk about some motivations that are stronger than money.

Discuss as a class:

What are people most motivated by, intrinsic or extrinsic factors?

Looking at the ways that people are motivated, what are the challenges when it comes to motivating a group?

If you were a teacher or a boss at work, what would you do to motivate this group of people?

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Disney's Approach to Leadership and Teamwork at Disneyland Resort teaches students the four C's of Walt Disney leadership. Students will practice overcoming obstacles by working as a team and thinking creatively to develop solutions. Exercises designed to reinforce courage, curiosity, and constancy aim to give students the confidence to set goals and accomplish their dreams.