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Industrial stoichiometry, Chemistry, Fluid mechanics, ordinary differential equations, calculus, engineering Thermodynamics, heat transfer, mass transfer, reaction engineering. Process flow diagrams, Process & instrumentation diagrams

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nick writermorgan
country Pakistan
languages English, Urdu


Secondary school ( maths, physics, biology, chemistry ), 1st division

High school ( maths, physics, chemistry ), 1st division

Bachelor of engineering in Chemical engineering, 1st division

Master of engineering, 1st division

Experience: 8 years

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Dear students, do not worry about difficulties of following subjects :

1. Industrial stichiometry:

What are chemical equations,

what are these meant for

How to use chemical equations practically & in labs

What are moles

What are molecules

How industrial materials are balances & produced, being demostarted via stoichiometry i-e problem solving for industrial processes

2. Chemistry:

Concpts of physical chemistry

Concepts of inorganic chemistry

Concepts of organic chemistry

Concepts of equilibrium chemistry

Problem solving in chemistry

3. Fluid mechanics 

What is fluid

Properties of fluids

Conservation laws in fluids

Practical problem solving in fluid mechanics with concepts.

Applications of fluid mechanics to engineering design & operation

4. Ordinary differential equations

Types of differential equations

linear & non-linear DE

order of DE

solutions of DE

5. Calculus

What is calculus

Differentiation & methods

Integration & types

curves & graphs

6. Engineering Thermodynamics

What is thermodynamics

Laws of thermodynamics

Applications of thermodynamics

Problem solving in thermodynamics &

Application of thermodynamics to engineering design and operation

7. Heat transfer 

Concept of heat transfer

Modes of heat transfer

Problem solving in heat transfer

Application of heat transfer to engineering design & operation of equipment & industrial plants

Control schemes for heat transfer equipments 

8. Mass transfer 

Concepts of mass transfer

Modes of mass transfer

Problem solving in mass transfer

Application of mass transfer to engineering design & operation.

Process control for mass transfer operations

9. Reaction engineering & chemical reactor design

Understanding of pupose of subject

Types of chemical reactors on the basis of type of reactions

Types of chemical reactor on the basis of flow/non-flow patterens & conversions required.

Application to engineering design

10. Process flow diagrams  & P&IDs:

Understanding of diagrams

Information present in these diagrams

Usage of these diagrams