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The funnest Business English Course EVER!!!!

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nick shanepisani
country Singapore
languages English


I have 10 years experience offering private tuition in a huge range of subjects. From driving, to Math, from Anatomy and Physiology to Film and Television, from Business to Skiin. I have helped thousands of students feel great about their learning.

I also have 8 years experience in Vocational Education, including Massage, Yoga, English as a Second Language, Anatomy and Physiology, Business and Marketing.

Most recently, I have 5 years experience as a High School teacher, where, due to my vast experience, I cover a wide range of subjects and ages. From Accounting to Sport, from English to Physics. From Math to History.

In every case, I aim to make learning fun, exciting and relevant to the learner. IF your goal is higher marks, that's great! But my goal is to match the learning experience with your personal strengths and to make you confident in tackling any situation with the tools we develop.

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About me

Business English is a worthwhile thing to learn, and it is often completely separate to daily English. But who says learning another language has to be serious, tedious and hard work!

Using games, songs, activities, as well as tailoring them to your personal goals, we can get you to fluency the entertaining way. 


Some examples include: 

- Using Monopoly to become confident with basic accounting and reporting

- Using cartoons to negotiate Business Jargon (Why do businesses insist on calling 'people' ... "Stakeholders"?)

- Using The skills you already have to become familiar with the skills you want

(are you great at songwriting? we can learn through song. Are you a gamer? Then you're already halfway to Business English! Are you a great cook? You'd be surprised how well that skill transfers to a business setting!)

- Uisng the work you already do, but setting fun challenges, or games to improve.