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nick ginamarie79
country Philippines
languages English


   I've been in the ESL industry for amost 2 years. I took a TESL course, which is Teaching English as a Second Language. This course made me learn what methodologies and approaches I need to use for a certain student. I worked as an ESL teacher in one of the largest and famous ESL school here in the Philippines that caters to Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Koreans. It was a face to face teaching which lasted for 55 minutes. I handled  grammar, speaking, listening and reading. After working there for nearly 6 months, I tried venturing into another school which is an online English school. I taught Chinese students, kids and adults. I taught 15 to 20 students a day, each student has their own need. It has become my passion to teach because I like the feeling when I get the chance to help other people who are in need. I am a teacher who is patient and empathic towards my student. I know how hard is it to learn another language that's why I do my best to motivate and encourage my students whenever that I see them being discourage. So if you want to improve your English come and book a lesson with me. I assure you that you will not only learn but you will also enjoy having a class with me for I'm going to make sure that my class would be filled with learning and fun.

Experience: 2 years

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 I teach grammar, reading, speaking listening and vocabulary. In my grammar lessons the student get to choose whatever lesson that he wants from basic to advance grammar. In reading, the student can choose either short or long passage that he or she can use for reading, the reading class would be for students who want to enhance their pronunciation, intonation and their speed in reading. Speaking class will be for students who want to learn phrases and idioms that he or she wants to learn to enhance his or her speaking skill. We can use lessons suitable for students who are really interested in enhancing their speaking skill. Vocabulary is the lesson appropriate for students who are interested in widening their vocabulary skills. There are a lot of lessons for students to choose from that could help the students learn and understand the words that are not yet familiar to the student.