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College and High school Mathematics - Calculus, Trignometry, Algebra, Geometry, Linear equations, Complex numbers etc

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15.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick Aashish.Singh
country Australia
languages English



I am an electronics engineer, who love to learn and teach maths. I specialise in teaching maths to High school and college students. I encourage students struggling with their AP calculus to get in touch with me. I asure them, working with me they will excel in it.


Experience: 2 years

About me

I am an electronics engineer, with a passion for learning and teaching mathematics.

I will be happy to assit High School and college students (US curriculum). I love calculus; students who are struggling with their AP calculus are most welcome. They will be not be disappointed, I assure them.

Tutoring Methodology

My personal preference is to mentor the student continuously over a longer period. This allows me the opportunity to: assess the strengths and weaknesses of the student; tailor the approach to tackle the difficult part of the curriculum; accelerate or de-accelerate as the situation demands. Further, It allows me to draft the 'study plan' in consultation with the student keeping the school curriculum in mind. This enables us to plan for: regular revision of the past work; accelerate and get ahead of the school; plan for the upcoming class tests or future exam preparations etc.

 Tutoring Charges (can vary)

  • One month tutoring plan: $20 (USD)/hour (no email support)

For completing a particular topic of school/college curriculum. For example, if you wish to master Year 12 Calculus or any other topic.

  • Three months tutoring plan: 15 (USD)/hour (with free email support)

For completing a section of school/college mathematics curriculum.

I will work-out a study plan with you, considering your school curriculum. We will start from the very basics; understand the theory of a section, consolidating it with problem solving, and then moving further, untill we completely master the topic inside-out, top-to-bottom.

email support 24x7 for free: Apart from the regular online tutoring. I will be available to answer your questions, and help you with your problem solving and doubt resolution 24X7 via email for free. This is to ensure you, that you are not alone, your expert tutor is available to you at all times.


Skype: aashish_singh1


Note: Please note that, I do not offer any free trial class. However, I welcome free consultation to discuss your needs and requirements.