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nick lawrence32
country Kenya
languages English


Educational Background

I have a bachelor’s degree in Financial Engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Kenya. I also attained a degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics co-currently. I graduated in 2015 having satisfied the university senate. To add to this I also have a certificate of Certified Public Accountants from Kenya.

Teachin g Experience

I have 5 years’ experience teaching undergraduate students in the same university. I have three years’ experience of academic writing and 4 of online tutoring.

Pers onal Attributes

I am very calm and patient. I take time to explain and give very detailed illustrations. It is in my nature to follow up and ensure that I deliver what is expected of me. I like working with students. Customer satisfaction has and will always be my ultimate goal.

Levels comfortable to teach

First I teach business economics, accounting, finance, math, statistics, calculus, algebra, and linear programming. I am experienced to teach both introductory and advanced levels of these units. I teach high school students and college students (undergraduate).

Experience: 10 years

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Survey Methodology

Primary data collection

Primary data collection is data that is collected First hand from the field. It has not been collected before. Data collection was done by one on one interviews, administering questionnaires, observation, and used focus groups. Questionnaires can be administered and anyone who has a problem will be guided through. This method collects data in a standardized manner. (Frank 2001: 89)

Secondary data collection methods

This the data that had already been collected by someone else that is used in this study to achieve our purpose. The sources of the secondary data included sales reports, financial reports, internet journals, magazines, and the library.

The population of the study is the number of people taken for the study. The sampling frame which list all the items that will be sampled from the population. The sampling technique that is mpstly  used is stratified sampling that ensured only relevant people for the study were selected (Quinn and Keogouh 2002: 75) .The population for this study included all the employees of the firm, the customers that were using the company’s product. I used a sample of 200 employees and a sample of 300 customers

Designing the Questionnaires

The questionnaires prepared is  aimed to capture information that will help determine and analyze the reason for these problems. The questionnaires answers are divided into categories that each individual can select his/her response.

Data AnalysisIn

descriptive data analysis one aims to see what the data says and provide simple reporting. It also involves simple calculations like the distribution the central tendency and the dispersion

Qualitative research

Revolves around describing characteristics.

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