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English fluency. A journey of it's kind.

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nick edabgaryan
country Russian Federation
languages Armenian, Czech, English, Russian


I have a Bachelor of Arts in sociology, as well as a Tesol certification. I've been teaching at various language schools for the last 10 years, around the world, in countries like Czech Republic, Germany and Russia (where I am currently residing). 

Experience: 10 years

About me

I moved out of the United States, CA in 2013 and first started teaching English in Czech Republic. I realized that teaching English is something I am very passionate about and the results achieved by my students were very satisfying. That was the deciding point for me to make the career change in life (my degree is in sociology). About a year ago I met my wife on an internet dating site and moved to Krasnodar, Russia. I received an offer from a private gymnasium which happens to be one of the official Cambridge representatives here and have been working there ever since. We recently purchased an apartment here but unfortunately it is inconvenient to commute there, therefore I decided to go online. All of my students have passed the Cambridge exam last year at various levels (FCE, PET, KET, Starters) except one, who I didn't recommend. I have a result oriented and a pragmatic approach when it comes to teaching. What that means is that everything that we learn in class is followed by my strong recomendations to apply in the real world. It is very effective, if we concider the fact that you don't live in a native speaking country. I treat my students with a considerable amount of empathy, which is why most of my students are still with me today. Contact me via Skype (my skype id is jerevan157799) and here.