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Science / Chemistry

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Science / Chemistry

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nick DimaChebat
country United Arab Emirates
languages Arabic, English


Dear Sir or Madame,

I have more than six years of teaching experience, six months of which are at a college level. I also taught chemistry for six years to high school students (2010-16). However, my high school teaching experience transcends the regular or main stream classroom as I taught deaf students all courses needed for this field starting with basics of chemistry and including lab work and analysis.

 My teaching style aims for a maximum students' engagement. I always try to make learning a fun and interesting experience. I encouraged my students to use chemistry and apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom in their daily lives. Teaching deaf students requires teachers to have mastered sign language as they need to transfer knowledge of the material taught in signs in addition to all of the symbols such a subject like chemistry has. 
I took it upon myself to learn sign language through taking sign language classes and got certified to teach it as I felt my purpose and passion is to give these students the opportunity that main stream students have. 
As for my college teaching experience, I taught in the laboratories of Faculty of Pharmacy at Damascus University.


My comprehensive hands-on experience as a Chemistry Teacher along with my bachelor degree of pharmacy and pharmaceutical chemistry speak to my qualifications. In addition, I am currently in the last stages of obtaining my master's degree in microbiology and immunology and will submit my thesis very soon.
I am fluent in four languages: Arabic, English, French and sign language. 





Experience: 7 years

About me

1st lesson: The matter

2ed lesson: Types of matter

3ed lesson: Chemical transformations of the matter

4th lesson: The atom

5th lesson: Electronic Orbitals

6th lesson: Chemical elements

7th lesson: metals and non metals

8th lesson: Equivalent of the chemical element

9th lesson: Atomic number and Mass number

10th lesson: Periodic table

11th lesson: Ions

12th lesson: The molecule

13th lesson: The compound

14th lesson: Chemical bonds

15th lesson: Chemical Reactions