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nick JaronBorus
country Hong Kong
languages English, Spanish


My business degree is from Worcester State University in Worcester, Massachusetts. 

I 've been teaching English to children in Hong Kong for one year. 

Previously , I taught English to adults and children in Nanjing, China for six months.

Experience: 2 years

About me


My name is Jaron and I have a passion for helping others learn. For the past year and a half I've been teaching English and traveling in China. 

I have experience with both adults and children. From what I've learned, no matter your level or age you can never learn a language if you don't start speaking from the beginning.

My lessons can be created however you want, as I can teach all levels and many different topics. I can guarantee each lesson will be enjoyable and full of speaking. For more advanced speakers, I have a business degree and can teach business topics as well.


Sample Lesson Outline: Example - At the restaurant

1. Introductions (5-10 min)

Full sentence responses: What's your name?, How are you?, Where are you from?, How old are you?, What's your favorite animal?, etc. (different questions each lesson).

2. Topic introduction and new vocabulary (10-15 min)

Vocab: restaurant, waiter/waitress, customer, dish, meat, beef, pork, chicken, fish, fork, knife, spoon, cup, bowl, plate, etc.

Topic Intro: How often do you go to a restaurant?, What is your favorite restaurant?, What is your favorite dish? Are all restaurants the same?, etc.

3. Grammar (10-15 min)

-Can I have/ I want...?

-Do you have...?

-Difference between a restaurant and the restaurant?

4. Situation Practice - Ordering from a menu at a restaurant (10-15 min)

I will be the waiter and you will be the customer. We will practice ordering from a menu at a restaurant using the vocab and grammar you just learned. 

5. Review and Questions (5-10 min)

Lastly, we will go over the vocab and grammar you learned. You can also ask other questions you have about lesson.

Total lesson length: About 45 minutes.


If you want to see what my teaching style is like, please sign up for my free 15 minute test lesson!

Hope to meet some of you soon,