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Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Differential and Integral Calculus, Trigonometry, English

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nick JhonV
country Philippines
languages English


I graduated BS Electrical Engineering from the University of the Philippines, Diliman. I placed 7th in the Licensure Board Exam for Registered Electrical Engineers, April 2002. I have been tutoring and mentoring students from various reputable universities and colleges here in our country for more than two decades. I teach students the basics, the tricks, and the easiest way to understand all branches of mathematics. I am patient and hardworking. I make sure the student understands the topic well and I will not stop until he/she gets to learn the lesson he/she has difficulty in.

Experience: 20 years

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Symbols and Expressions • Polynomial expressions • Rational expressions • Arithmetic and finite geometric series Linear Equations • Real numbers as points on the number line • Linear equations and their graphs • Solving problems with linear equations • Linear inequalities and their graphs • Graphing and solving systems of simultaneous linear equations Quadratic Equations • Factors and factoring of quadratic polynomials with integer coefficients • Completing the square in quadratic expressions • Quadratic formula and factoring of general quadratic polynomials • Using the quadratic formula to solve equations

Functions • Linear functions • Quadratic functions – word problems involving quadratic functions • Graphs of quadratic functions and completing the square • Polynomial functions (including graphs of basic functions) • Simple nonlinear functions (e.g., square and cube root functions; absolute value; rational functions; step functions) • Rational exponents, radical expressions, and exponential functions • Logarithmic functions • Trigonometric functions • Fitting simple mathematical models to data Algebra of Polynomials • Roots and factorization of polynomials • Complex numbers and operations • Fundamental theorem of algebra • Binomial coefficients (and Pascal’s triangle) • Mathematical induction and the binomial theorem

Calculus, Chain Rule, Continuous Function, Critical Point, Definite Integral, Derivative, Discontinuity, Extreme Value Theorem, First Derivative Test, Fundamental Theorems of Calculus, Implicit Differentiation, Indefinite Integral, Inflection Point, Integral, Intermediate Value Theorem, Limit, Maximum, Mean-Value Theorem, Minimum, Second Derivative Test

Differential and Integral Calculus: all topics