Bachellor in Chemistry (Spanish, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics)

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Science / Chemistry

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nick GlauberM
country Venezuela
languages English, Spanish


I was a teacher assistant for 2 years at the Central University of Venezuela. I taught courses on organic synthesis of polymers (poliacrylamides), analytical chemistry and their respective laboratories. In addition, I was a private tutor in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics for 3 years. I have worked as a community tutor for 2 years teaching young people and adults to apply the scientific knowledge and improve the quality of life of their communities. Teaching these courses helped me to develop different pedagogical techniques that allow my students to get a better comprehension of the topics and improves substantially their grades.

Experience: 4 years

About me

My name is Glauber Mejía I am Venezuelan and I live in Caracas, I can speak spanish perfectly and teach it very well. I was graduate from chemistry in the Central University of Venezuela. I worked in a pdvsa company polymer synthesis laboratory for 1 year and a half, creating a product destined to the improvement of the oil production system of my country. I have worked as a tutor in private science classes, aimed at high school students and university students, my specialty is chemistry but I have also taught physics and mathematics. Among the subjects I master to teach in classes are analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, organic synthesis methods, elucidation of organic structures, and inorganic chemistry. I can also use computer programs such as chemsketch, novamestre and analyse to resolve spectres NMR FTIR, GCMS .   I am a kind, honest and friendly person, open to sharing my knowledge with my students.