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Speak English with movies, songs and stories.

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nick englisherin
country Thailand
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I've been home-schooled.

This means I know how to study in a way that is fun and effective.

I will teach you HOW to learn beautiful English in an engaging way.

I've been teaching English around Thailand both privately and at schools for the last five years, to a vast range of skill levels.

I've learned Thai myself, so I understand the difficulties in learning a language.

Experience: 5 years

About me

Hi, I’m Erin.

I’m a native English-speaker from London, England.

I have a clear, pleasant British accent, which is easy to understand.

I have lived in Thailand for half of my life, so I understand how foreigners learn English (and vice versa).

I am not your conventional English teacher; Learning needs to be fun and enjoyable to be effective!

I can help you to speak clearly.and beautifully.


Using movies, songs, stories and even stand-up comedy shows, I help you to understand colloquial English through listening and reading stories and movie scenes out loud.

We read the text together. If it's a movie then we read the subtitles.

At home, you learn all the vocabulary in the story using flashcards on your computer or smartphone. And with a special app, you listen to the text over and over again, one sentence at a time.

This is much more effective beause we hear things more clearly if we can see what it is we are listening to — we can read the subtitles while seeing the actions on the screen.

Learning vocabulary taken from a story helps you to remember and understand words better. 

During the lesson:

You read the text out loud while I check your pronunciation. I will show you how to pronounce all the words correctly in a colloquial way. At home, you need to practice some of the sentences over and over again until you can say them fast and clearly.

I don't teach complicated grammar rules  you will pick this up naturally through the story's dialogue. It's much easier just to learn sentence patterns. This is a collection of different types of sentences for different situations. You don't need to understand or learn the grammar for each sentence.

In this way, you will learn to become fluent in English in an easy and enjoyable way without having to study for many hours (although you may want to!).

The first free 30 minute lesson is when we can get to know each other. I can check your level of English. And we can decide on what songs or movies you'd like to study together.


Here are some examples of great stories, movies or songs that we can study together:

Matilda by Roald Dahl see https://youtu.be/WoN5cCs0l2M
Holes by Louis Sachar see https://youtu.be/rqi_StXDhpU
Kangaroo Jack see https://youtu.be/uFPnjx0d6XU and https://youtu.be/1Zt3crV_KIA

Something Stupid by Frank Sinatara see https://youtu.be/nMQM9kEBRWI

Comedy with Dawn French, such as Vicar of Dibley see https://youtu.be/Z28WhPbG3CI 


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