Cryptography, Cyber Security, Information Security, Data Structures, Algorithms

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nick trupil
country India
languages English, Gujarati, Hindi


Masters in Computer Science & Engineering

Experience: 3 years

About me

One of the perks of an academic life is the opportunity to interact with young and bright students most of whom are at the threshold of stepping into the real world. It gives me vast fulfillment and pleasure that I as a faculty will have the honor to take part in the initial phases of their career. Additionally, it will offer me a platform to expand my own skills in terms of expressing myself and be a great source of research ideas. Below, I describe in detail my experiences and ideas in teaching: 

As a teacher, I wish to teach Cryptography, Cyber Security, Information Security, Algorithms, Data Structures or C programming. By adopting a teaching philosophy that combines a compact theoretical background with real-life examples. I believe many of the problems faced by security analyst or researchers in the field are significance on the way these courses have been traditionally taught. Traditional Cyber Security domain courses focus on the exposition of techniques and approaches with a connection to the problems. My goal is to link theory with practice, hence transmitting the knowledge acquired during years of research to society. When teaching the students, I see myself as a bridge between the research and the practice of Cryptography or Information Security or Cyber Security. I recognize my role as a teacher as a medium to disseminate the lessons learned in the Cryptography research by teaching the leading industry professionals and researchers of tomorrow.