Interview Techniques - What to say in your interview

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nick AndyKorteling
country Mexico
languages English


I have a Bachelor of Science in Development, a Master of Science in Environmental Science, as well as a TEFL certification.

I've been teaching for over ten years.

I have taught technical skills and health and safety courses to adults in the civil engineering sector.

I have also taught sexual health and life skills to young people at council youth clubs.

More recently I have taught primary school children at the Singapore Helm Institute for Education.

I train people in interview skills and also teach online via Skype.

I have taught all levels and ages, from beginners and young learners to advanced and adult learners.

Come and try a lesson today! 

Experience: 10 years

About me

Are you worried and nervous about your up and coming job interview?

Do you have problems with confidence and nerves?

Do you struggle to sell your valuable skills, qualifications, experience and passions to the highest bidder?

I can help you. 

These lessons can help by:

1) Improving confidence. Preparing for the interview with preparation and practise, practise and practise. Thinking about how to answer the really hard questions such as "Why should we give you this job?"

2) The language of the interview. Identifying, learning and practising the jargon, slang, buzzwords and technical terminology that may be used in the interview

3) The language of self-promotion. Using the correct language to sell your skills, qualifications, experience and passion to a future employer.

4) Nonverbal communication. How to sit, stand, look at people and what to do with your hands whilst talking.

These lessons will help you confidently answer some of the common yet difficult to answer questions such as:

  • What can you tell me about yourself?
  • Can you list your strengths?
  • What weaknesses do you have?
  • Why should I consider hiring you?
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • What is your salary expectation?
  • What motivates you?
  • What makes a good team player?
  • Is there anything that you would like to ask me?

If you are preparing for a specific job interview, we think of the questions most likely to be asked and formulate quality concise answers. 

We practice your responses to questions by using role play.

During the first lesson, we discuss what aspects of the interview the student needs help with. The rest of the lesson and any other lessons are used to help prepare for the interview.

To make lessons more tailored to your needs you can send me the job description and a copy of your CV and any correspondence before the lesson. I can then start to design lessons that are tailored to your needs.

I work online via Skype (andrew korteling) and can use google docs to share documents during the lesson.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Book a lesson today and let us start preparing for that interview!

Best regards