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English for speakers of other languages - exam preparation TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS and Cambridge Exams, Conversational English, Business English and English for Travellers

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nick fiona.oates
country Australia
languages English, Spanish


I studied psychiatric nursing at university and I worked in London for 3 years before moving to Barcelona in 2006 to complete my CELTA course at International House, Barcelona.

Internation al House, Barcelona is recognised a high quality teaching centre internationally and I recieved top quality instruction. My nursing experience informed my role as a teacher in that I was able to apply my needs assessment and plan of how to meet those needs to my English students.

Since becoming an English teacher in 2006 I have actively sought out institutions with a strong focus on training and teacher development. In 2013 I did a lot of self directed research into memory and the effect of language on cognitive abilities for a social inclusion initiative that I set up in Barcelona.

I am committed to lifelong learning as a teacher and it is my pleasure to research new and interesting ways to encourage my students to learn and retain their knowledge.


Experience: 12 years

About me

I am a creative, committed and experienced English teacher who can successfully prepare you for an official exam,  to work or study abroad or to do your job in English. I work with my students to prepare a study plan and achieve great results.


I have been teaching now for 12 years and I have supported and coached 1000's of students toward achieving their goals, which could be from feeling more confident, improving their level, presenting for an official exam or job interview or something more focussed and specific like video conferences at work, attending meetings, speaking at conferences or in any public setting or developing relationships with their clients or work colleagues.


I have experience that ranges from private language schools to business and law schools and I easily adapt from giving classes for specific purposes to more relaxed general English for those who like to travel and want to improve their English as a personal goal. I have had 100% pass rates when I have helped Students prepare for the Cambridge official exams and the TOEFL, TOIC and IELTS and I will guide you through the process of giving an excellent oral exam.


I have a background in nursing and so medical English comes easy to me, but I have also had a lot of experience in the fields, of technology and design, law, auditing, business, event management and catering and as a specific purposes English teacher I will research your area of working order to best help you. If you want to feel more comfortable in English we will do all grammar, vocabulary, fluency and accuracy exercises around topics that you are interested in and find it easy to talk about.


My strength as a teacher is that I am flexible and focussed on my learners needs and I want you to learn and improve and will do my very best to do just that. I am motivated by my student's success and progress and you will always be at the centre of the lesson. I will give homework as part of the study plan if you have time and want that. if it's not in our agreed study plan, then your free time is up to you.


I speak Spanish very well and so I know what it is like to be a language learner and I know how to help you understand new words and grammar as I have done it myself.


I am available to teach new students who want to improve their English efficiently and effectively and would like to have regular classes.