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nick parth2179
country India
languages English, German, Gujarati, Hindi


I am recently graduated automotive engineering and looking forward to pursuing a masters degree with a specialization in the Electric vehicle. During the time, I was pursuing my bachelors degree, I taught a number of students of elementary and high school students to help them in their subjects especially in mathematics and physics. And I took compensation in form of money so that I can manage my expenses by living almost a full state away from my home.

I am already strong in mathematics and science from my elementary level, but as soon as I got experience in teaching or helping other students learning the same topic which I have understood, I started gaining experience in which methods to use to teach the particular type of student. I developed my teaching skills and parallelly I concreted my basic understanding of the particular topic. 

During the engineering, I learned Advance mathematics which made me more confident and added few extra skills to my bucket.More to that performing in few aptitude tests such as GRE. I verified my skills.

I usually use practical methods and try to connect each and every problem with the objects or events happening around us. It makes students understand the topics practical use. As student will start imagining the situation in his mind and will involve him/herself in the virtual world created just for mathematics, It will be hard to forget the core of the concept.

I have a number of students who eventually got more than expected scores in state level or national level examination.

Experience: 3 years

About me

Mathematics is a vast subject having numerous subtopics.

Such as Number theory, algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Combinatorics, Logic,  differential equations, Mathematical physics. Trigonometry, probability, and statistics etc.


I am strongly able to pass on expertise on all these topics.