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M.Sc (Biotechnology), B.Ed

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Drug: It is an additive substance which changes the working style of the body (or) modifies a chemical process in the body so as to

diagnose, prevent, treat& cure diseases


Addiction: It is a progressive, chronic intoxication (sometimes even fatal) caused due to continuous Physical (or) Physiological (or)     

        Psychological dependence on a drug (or) a practice (like Gambling & Sexual promiscuity). Such habituated persons are beyond voluntary

        control & have a great difficulty in leaving these habits (i.e De-addiction; where the body ceases to function normally & faces a high risk

        of severe withdrawal symptoms). They are called as Addicts. Active Addicts end up harming themselves &/or their loved ones in spite of a

        strong desire to stop (Abstinence) their behaviour. Sometimes even after long period of Abstinence also; Addiction may again relapse back.


Types of Addiction: 3 types;

        (i)   Drug-addiction (term Drug-addiction was renamed as Drug-dependence by WHO in 1964)

        (ii)  Tobacco-addiction

        (iii) Alcohol-addiction


Causes of Drug-addiction & Drug-abuse: (An Adolescent easily falls prey ito drugs as he is in a sensitive period of Physical,

        Physiological, Psychological & mental development)

        (i)    Curiosity: Reference to drugs in print & electronic media, movies, internet & by addicts; the person tries to have a personal

                experience as a curiosity (or) adventure (or) for excitement

        (ii)   In few families; using sleeping-pills or pain-killers is common. These may provoke even the youngsters to taste the same

        (iii)  Bad friends or bad group of people slowly initiate the adolescents to take drugs

        (iv)  In some places there is a false perception that taking of drugs is a sign of progressiveness of society 

        (v)   Adolescents are often under stress due to Academics, sports, hobbies & so on. So they try to consume drugs which give a calming,

                relaxing or exciting effects

        (vi)  To mask their problems (& escape from reality), mask any pain or mental or physical deficits

        (vii) To search for awareness & mysticism

        (viii) To blunt anxiety,fight depression & overcome frustration

        (ix)   To lighten other burdens

        (x)    To improve performance