Accounting AS & A Level

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Business / Finance & Accounting

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nick teachingjournalentries
country India
languages English, Hindi


B.Com (H), B.Ed., LLB, MBA HRM Fin.

Experience: 12 years

About me

Previously, a PG Teacher Accountancy for a nonprofit organization with responsibility for public relations, training, recruitment and overall operations management. I earned my Master’s degree in HRM & am B.Ed., B.Com(H), LLB. I vision our classrooms and students are technology integrated and engaging in their exchange with the surrounding environment.

Om is an edu-preneur who wishes to streamline the process of finding the right tutor for Accountancy based on the hirers’ requirements eventually benefiting the students / learners. Being an educator myself, I have been obsessed with making education sphere better and more efficient. Continue to expect great tuition friendly features and initiatives from me in the near future!

“I make teaching experience interesting by conducting discussions and quizzes as to have a better understanding that how much the student has imbibed and what more we need to work on. I work according to a planned schedule so the syllabus is completed on time and we have ample time for revision. This makes student work under no pressure.

After years of experience of teaching Accountancy to CIE-AS & A Level, CBSE, CISCE students, my approach towards the subject has helped students in Understanding and leraning with fun and confidence.

Results are guranteed 99% to meritorious students

Results are guranteed 87% to 89% to Mediocre or Average students based on their past Report cards records

and Students and Parents are Guaranteed that their failing or Low performing Wards in school will secure 74% to 77% Results score in Accountancy in their respective Board Examination.

My students have 100% success passing turnaround, but more than that I live when I see my students Enjoy Learning Accountancy not as a mere subject but as a way of excellence in the subject.

I successfully Hone thier Interest and liking for the subject Accountancy!

In the process students end up building a very strong foundation of the two aspects of Accountancy – One called as Debit and another balances it by being called Credit!

It is students interest which makes them to excel in Accountancy, my approach boosts their morale and inspire them to learn.” – Om Kr.