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nick tanya_horobey
country Ukraine
languages Russian


I have been teaching Russian already for 8 years.

My students say.

Sara W.:"If you want to learn the Russian language and you need a good teacher, I highly recommend Tanya. I've had the privilege of working with Tanya teaching English for over 2 years now, and she is also my personal Russian teacher.

 I, myself, am a teacher with a degree in elementary education and quite a bit of training as an ESL teacher. I have been very impressed with Tanya's teaching abilities.

Tanya is professional, perceptive, and patient. She is a talented teacher of languages, and she has a gift for helping people understand them. She is able to quickly understand your needs as a student and work with you according to your learning style.

 Russian is often considered one of the hardest European languages to learn, but Tanya is able to make Russian comprehensible and applicable. She has years of professional teaching experience, which give her an amazing understanding of how to reach her students. "

 Rob M. :"Tanya ia well organized and has a great approach with her teaching. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to study this language."

 Neil E. : "Great initial lesson, Looking forward to more."

Experience: 8 years

About me


I focus my lessons on speaking and listening (Spoken Russian), then on reading. I do believe that "Practice makes perfect".

Learning a new language can be challenging, but with repetition and practical exercise it becomes easier and more fun. I think the best way to master any language is to learn it like a child (listen, repeat and speak).

 Benefits of learning with me:

- Lessons are adjusted to student’s needs, levels and goals.

- time flexibility ( my online Lessons are available at almost any day,any time of the week.)

- high reliability

- helping students realize their particular language needs


- Lessons won’t be expensive.

I will adjust to the students’ level and needs. During the first free trial lesson I check the level, then inquire about the goals, after that we specify what the focus must be made on and I suggest the best materials we consider together.


Russian is not as difficult as it seems to be:) Join my lessons.

I teach Russian for any person from any country who can speak English. I am a Russian -English teacher and It makes your learning Russian easier. I had work experience in Canada and I had a student from Canada at my home for 6 months. And I have been teaching Russian already for 8 years.