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nick IanNewYork
country Mexico
languages English, Spanish


I got my education at the School of Hard Knocks from '09-'12.

In 2014 I moved to Mexico and started teaching English in an English academy where I was trained in teaching students of all ages in classrooms. 

In 2015 I got trained and certified for online teaching. I am TOEFL certified and I now have thousands of hours of experience teaching both in online and real classrooms to students from: Mexico, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

I speak fluent Spanish from living independently in Mexico. 

I have also started my own business as en English Consultant offering private classes and business services in Mexico City.

Experience: 4 years

About me

We will have conversation based sessions 1-on-1 where you will get a chance to really get to know how natural speaking goes in English. 

I will make it easy for you to get into the "flow" and talk about either your favorite subjects, or scenarios that either interest or challenge you.

Conversation types include:

  • Discourse (introductions, speech, presentation, etc)
  • Dialogue (chatting, getting to know eachother, exchanging information on a common topic)
  • Diatribe (speech to make a point or argument, but to an audience that may disagree. So, the emphasis is on being more convincing or inspirational, than just sharing information)
  • Debate (2-way conversation where again the idea is to make a convincing argument against someone who may disagree with you)

Of course all of our interations will be friendly and respectful. This is very important even when disagreeing with someone, and competitive conversation may not even interest you and that is fine.

The main advantages you will have working with me even for just basic conversation are:

  • Resource of valuable technical English knowledge that comes with working with a trained and experienced English teacher.
  • Confidence gained from working with a native speaker who is from New York and very active in both the educational, business, athletic, and travel worlds.
  • World knowledge from someone who has been traveling in Mexico since 2014, speaks fluent Spanish, and knows a lot not just about learning English but any language and how to communicate with people from all sorts of backgrounds.

The following is a message to advanced students (many idioms are used to make my point):

I want to make it clear that these classes are the real deal. I've helped students of all types from business executives, to small business owners, other teacher, students, etc. You name it. When you have the grammar, and all the skills they teach you in school down, the only way you will keep improving is with: more exposition to high-level vocabulary, idioms, and natural pronunciation. I was born and raised in New York so when it comes to native English speaking and the culture related to it, you can consider this the authentic experience. Advanced students will get the most bang for their buck, hands down.