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Making English Your Language

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nick KStellar
country United States
languages Chinese, English, Japanese



Major in Corporate Communication, Minor in Asian Studies

P rofessional skills and experience:  In the past decade, I've accrued substantial experience in program management and coordination, project/event planning and organization, interfacing with clients and customers, as well as various administrative functions, such as filing reports, processing data, and working on teams and committees.

20 09 – 2011 was spent in personal ventures (and a return to the USA). I finished writing my first screenplay, assisted a professor at Korea University in finishing his book, and volunteered as a teacher in a Buddhist monastery in Cambodia.

Spea king and presentation: I have 18 years training and practice in speaking, performance, and presentation techniques, with some professional experience as a performer, speaker and trainer. 

Writing skills: I boast an effective handle on academic writing, professional correspondence, news writing, press releases, and word processors. In addition to shorter works, I've completed lengthy academic papers and two full-length screenplays.

L anguage skills: Advanced conversation in Japanese and intermediate Mandarin. Though not fluent, I'm fully functional in Japanese and am able to socialize in Mandarin. I lived 4 years in Taiwan, 3 years in Japan, with substantial time in other countries.

Stu dent accomplishments: In University, I served as Vice President of Hong Kong Student Association, Spokesperson of Asian American Student Association, Public Relations then Student Senator for International Student Council. I led committees, as well as planned and emceed large events.

Experience: 15 years

About me


My name is Joshua. I'm a teacher. 

I've been a teacher for about 15 years. Right now, I'm in America, but I lived in Asia for about 9 years... mostly Japan and Taiwan. I speak Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. I know what it feels like to study another language.    I will be one of your favorite teachers. I studied Business Communication at the University of Central Oklahoma. I have my TEFL Certification. I've lived an amazing, multi-cultural life. I offer a high-quality experience that is fun, focused and professional.    Language learning should be fun. It should be interesting and relatable to the student's own life. If you're an adult and you study English, you have reasons for studying. You have dreams and goals and passions... and responsibilities and a busy schedule. English is about communication. Communication is about people. And my lessons are all about you. 

So, I look forward to meeting you. We're going to have a lot fun. Let's get started!