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Science / Technology

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nick shainajaved
country United Arab Emirates
languages English, Urdu


I have passed my Master’s degree in Computer Sciences as a Major. Alongside, my project work entails the integration of MIKEY (Multimedia Internet Keying) & SRTP Protocol Algorithm for the efficient delivery of keys to secure the Multimedia transmission in Multicast environment.


I have been working since 2008 in various organizations as a Computer Instructor to secure the practical implementation of my studies and progressed as an IT expert, teaching various IT skills (Operating systems, Web Languages, Graphics Tools and RDBMS) to students leveling from juniors to Postgraduates. Moreover, my skill set crowns C++, Linux OS, HTML and Android Application development as best of my expertise.

Experience: 5 years

About me

My Goal of teaching is to target both aspects side by side; seek intelligence and build character. I never teach pupil rather I always try to provide them a learning environment in which they can think intensively as well as critically to build up their potentials in their own unique ways. Applying a student-centered approach in my whole teaching career, I concluded that by setting your student’s potential free you can transform him into the world. In short, my teaching philosophy consists of

  • Active student learning and
  • Assessment procedures including class-based as well as individual-based assessment to conclude on learning capacities and outcomes.

Active student learning consists of Lab-Based learning, Case-Based learning, Inquiry-based learning, Problem-based learning and community-based learning. Moreover, I always use various assessment procedures to find out my next move for better lecture planning and re-enforcing further practice in weak areas. These might include “Ask the student to reflect in last five minutes”, use quizzes, misconception check, practice frequency, peer instruction, ticket-out-door and using various techniques for individual and group teaching.

The spark behind adopting teaching as my career path resides in attractions of learning on a continuous basis with new and unique minds, each time reflecting your brain with new ideas and giving you the confidence that you are playing your part very well on a collective level to form a sound conduct as a basis of healthy society.