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nick Camzee
country Philippines
languages English


I have almost 6 years of experience as an online English teacher. I have taught basic conversation English to Koreans, Turkish, Indonesians and Azerbaijan of all levels from starter to business English. Became part of training and development as a Speaking Quality Assurance Specialist (2013-2014) and provided training for Local Accent Reduction and Neutral Accent Enhancement. I had the opportunity to manage a team of 10 to 15 teachers as a Team Leader (2015-2016) and took part in marketing by providing demo classes and presentation through call conferencing. Inclusive in my function was development and enhancement of curriculums (Starter Levels to Business English) through the use of MS PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, I have developed the skills in managing and multitasking by keeping to the scheduled classes I have for the day and time utilization for meetings and monitoring productivity and call evaluation. 

Experience: 6 years

About me

I have been teaching conversation English for almost 6 years now to students from different countries of all levels from starter to advanced. Provided basics and tips on how to pass TOEFL and IELTS Speaking tests for learners who wanted to take the exams for these special English courses. 

I really like to help students learn to break communication barriers and be able to have confidence when speaking in English. It has been my passion to work with my students in seeking opportunities for language growth. Technical knowledge of the English language is important, but being able to apply it in our everyday lives is what would make learning the English language wonderful and fun. And this is what I do, I make it more fun for my students to learn it and before they know it, they can automatically use the language well in conversations.

I want you to be one of my students who can battle fears of communication barriers and be confident in speaking the English language. I hope to meet you soon and lets make learning English fun and exciting. 

For interested students, I can give 1 free demo lesson and then you can decided if you want to continue having the class with me.

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Lesson Proper: Based on the student's level

Duration of the class: depending on the student's desired time (available time: 30 minute to 50 minute classes)