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nick KareemAhmed
country Egypt
languages Arabic, English


Modern International School, Cairo, Egypt    & nbsp;    & nbsp;   & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp; October 2002 – April 2006

Junior English Teacher

q  Created lesson plans and modified it, if needed – class place is made manually and by utilizing a Notebook program.

q   Aimed to integrate competencies, and objectives into lesson plans.

q   Utilized instructional resources – projector - in the classroom.

q   Planned, prepared and delivered instructional activities, craft letters using various appropriate materials.

q   Created positive educational climate for students to learn in.

q   Using entertaining games to conducted the class objectives smoothly to students.

q   Observed and evaluated student's performance/behavior, and prepared required reports.

Euro International School, Cairo, Egypt   & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;May 2006 – May 2013

Senior English Teacher

q  Focused on high expectations of children and young people’s attainment.

q  Could demonstrate excellent classroom practice.

q  Desired for working with pupils with many different learning needs.

q  Ability to challenge, motivate and inspire.

q  Could demonstrate commitment and potential.

q  Planned and teach well-structured lessons to assigned classes, after the school’s plans, curriculum and schemes of work.

q  Assessed, monitored, recorded and reported on the learning needs, progress and achievements of assigned pupils, making accurate and productive use of assessment.

q  Adapted teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of pupils.

q  Sated high expectations which inspire, motivate and challenge pupils.

q  Promoted good progress and outcomes by pupils.

q  Demonstrated good subject and curriculum knowledge.

q  Participated in arrangements for preparing pupils for external tests.

  AUC - School of Continuing Education, Cairo -Egypt         July 2013 – June 2018       

   &nb sp;   Senior English Teacher

q  Contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of the school’s policies, practices and procedures, to support the school’s values and vision.

q  Made a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school.

q  Worked with others on curriculum and pupil development to secure coordinated outcomes.

q  Provided cover, in the unforeseen circumstance that another teacher is unable to teach.

q  Responsible for the learning and the achievement of all pupils in the class(es) ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

q  Planned and prepared schemes of work and lesson plans.

q  Created a purposeful learning environment.

q  Accorded to individual educational needs, the pupils assigned to him/her, including the setting and marking of work to be carried out by the pupils in school and elsewhere.

q  Teach engaging and motivating lessons informed by well-grounded expectations of learners and designed to raise levels of attainment.

q  Knew how to made effective personalized provision/effectively provided differentiated tasks for those they teach.

q  Had high expectations of young people including a commitment to ensuring that they can achieve their full educational potential and to established fair, respectful, trusting, supportive and constructive relationships with them.

Experience: 15 years

About me

Teaching English in full is my main plan , where I am fully qualified to do this work due to my large experience in Teaching English for more than fifteen years ,and I do my work with good performance and dedication.


My plan to teach includes 24 levels and 66 sections ,each section includes lessons of language and grammar when you as a learner finish it with me ,you will be able to speak ,hear,write and read English language .


Awaiting to have you in my class and you will never feel sorry to learn from me .


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