Mechanical engineering

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nick Millu
country India
languages English, Gujarati, Hindi


I have always helped my friends understand concepts before exams in physics, chemistry ,Biology, Mathematics. I have also taken up initiatives to teach under-privileged students basic Mathematics. I can explain concepts clearly and concisely. I make sure my student understands a particular concept before moving on to the next concept. I have a very strong base in physics and engineering. I am proficient in the English language, additionally i can also teach in Hindi and Gujarati. I have successfully been able to convey my ideas to a lot of students. I often apply the concept of reverse engineering to explain a particular problem. I have had a lot of experience in teaching on different online tutoring websites.
I believe that education means not only knowledge attained from books but also includes practical perspective about what we study, henceforth doing more justice to word engineering which is application of knowledge, more than knowledge. To execute the same idea I try my level best to enrich students by giving them feel of what exactly book is trying to impart. I have observed that whenever a teacher and a student are not on the same page that mainly because of lack of discussion and interactions and I try to incorporate in my teaching.

Experience: 3 years

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Mechanical engineering is a subject that deals with the mechanics, dynamics, and operations of machines.Mechanical engineering has to deall with the desining, building the machines and not only that but he should be able to operate the machine effictively. T o understand the mechanical engineering, it requires the knowledge of various disciplines as it contains different-different broad areas into it.