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conversational english as a powerful way to become fluent and confident

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nick travelcoach
country Germany
languages English, German


I have got over 20 years of experience teaching languages and life skills. For many years I worked as an educator which always involved language tutoring for kids and families. 

As a life- and language coach I am traveling a lot as I have always enjoyed exploring the natural way of other cultures and countries. 

about 10 years ago I became a yoga teacher, where again, I used a lot of language tutoring within my teaching. 


Experience: 20 years

About me

I am Gabriele , a well-traveled and experienced tutor in many lifeskills such as teaching english. If you are looking for a fun way of learning, being able to speak the new language fast and confident and truly like to be looking forward to every meeting we arrange -  book your first session today . I teach through conversation - through text we read and explore - we might even explore songs or read some simple books together. From there it comes very naturally to explore and define new words as well as all the necessary grammar. My students keep on surprising me with their enthusiasm and capacities every time we meet. 

I believe, the best way of learning is, to get used to the sound of the new language and start thinking in the new language instead of keeping translating. I have a lot of students, that have given up in a lot of training already and now enjoy the new language for themselves - at school - at work - with new friends, with new jobs and while traveling. 

please enjoy my short introduction video on youtube

currently, most of my students are on the platform " " in austria , where you can check some great feedback. 


much looking forward to supporting you,  reaching your goals soon