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Marketing: Marketing is concerned with the process of developing customer relationships, uncovering business opportunities and delivering products and services to buyers.  Marketing majors learn to analyze customers and their needs, and to make decisions about product design and quality, pricing, advertising, selling, and distribution.  Courses in marketing include principles of marketing, retailing, professional selling, sales management, consumer behavior, marketing communications/promotion, e-commerce/internet marketing, services marketing, product development and management, international marketing, marketing research, marketing management, marketing strategy, advertising principles, etc.  Concentrations are usually in market research, e-commerce, advertising management, and product management. Marketing focuses, more generally, on business measures that have a central role in company performance and success,, such as customer satisfaction, sales revenue, and market share. There are two types of marketing that are studied. The first is business-to-business marketing, products such as computers, copying machines, steel, and chemicals are sold to other businesses.  There is another type – business-to-=consumer marketing. In which individuals buy products such as appliances, cars, packaged goods, and services such as insurance and banking. Lessons may be in courses in marketing principles and marketing management that teach you to develop and implement plans to market products and services. Lessons may be in market research – in using surveys, experiments, test markets, and other techniques to obtain the information needed to make marketing decisions.  Lessons may be in courses in sales management focus on the psychology of effective selling and the recruiting, selecting, organizing, training, and motivating of salespeople. Students must advise what their tutoring needs are before lessons can be effectively prepared and scheduled.