Experienced International Business Professional from U.S., Neutral Accent (Please see end of Description for the "catch"!)

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country United States
languages English


TESOL Certificate, University of Maine Intensive English Institute

Maine teaching certification, French K-12 (conditional; expired)

Master of Public Policy, Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Middle East Studies, McGill University, Montreal

Experience: 17 years

About me


I am here to help you advance your career in international business. In addition to experience as a teacher, tutor, and conversation partner, I have over 15 years' experience as an international business professional, leading international trade and investment negotiations in areas such as intellectual property rights, banking, telecommunications, accounting, engineering, and legal services.

I have served as a paid and volunteer language teacher, tutor, and conversation partner. As a language learner myself in academic, language school, and informal settings, I have some understanding of what it takes to be a good instructor, tutor, and conversation partner. Based on my experience, important qualities include patience, tact, being alert to patterns of errors, and providing feedback at appropriate times.

For over 15 years, I served as a senior trade and investment negotiator for the U.S. government, acting on behalf of U.S. business leaders. My role was to become sufficiently knowledgeable about my clients' commercial activities to be able to competently represent their interests before foreign governments in areas such as intellectual property rights, banking, telecommunications, accounting, engineering, and legal services.

It has been a pleasure to see students suddenly grasp the meaning they've been searching for – the “aha” moment when I've been able to successfully communicate a new meaning or concept.

I am starting a career as an online Business English instructor, and interacting with students on this site will help me better serve paying clients on the other site. I am interested in understanding interests and motivations, especially from Japanese Business English students.

Here's the catch (definition:  a hidden problem that makes something more complicated or difficult to do):  My rates are low because I ask you to come prepared with materials for the lesson.  I will provide you with a long list of websites with lessons, grammar, vocabulary, news articles, videos, and more.  Simply choose one, and we will use it as the centerpiece of the lesson!