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French / DALF/ DELF/ TCF preparation

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nick AliAbbassi
country Algeria
languages Arabic, English, French


I am a bachlor degree civil engineer student from the most prestigious Algerian University called USTHB (Université des sciences et technologies Houari Boumedienne) while preaparing my master degree i am already teaching in Algeria French English and mathematics. 

I have a degree in French called DALF C2 with score 84,5/100 wich allowed me to teach people for preapring a french exam.

Since the last year i worked as math teacher in e-learning platform called etudz, and at my own place where i built a class for high school and primary.

Teaching made me more efficient in my own self devellopement and learning curriculm. Now i have better points of view and visions about a lot of life subjects. I learnt also by teaching to better teach myslef and learn faster ! 

I hope i can make people better teachers of themselves by being their teachr for a period. 

Experience: 1 years

About me

In this course i aim to make the learning of french easier at all the levels.

Because no matter the level of the learner there is a precious basis a background we have to establish before moving to deeper concepts, and this course provide the path from the begaining to farest known ending !

No matter the level of the student i want to teach the way of learning faster and easier without feeling tired or overhelmed.

The course will be devided in two sections :

The first one is Writting: we need to wrtie properly things in order to understand it otherwise we will pass aside. indeed we need to communicate our thougts through writting by commenting articles, or writting some texts related to topics we discuss and choose together.


Second section is oral : ' Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice'

According to this famous quote we need practice this is why the oral section is really important in this course, debating and discussing about various subejcts will push the learner to become more familiar with French. We are going to argue and discuss about various subjects we plan before ever session.