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nick Isari
country Spain
languages English, Spanish




2008 Bachelor Degree in Translation and Interpreting (Universitat Autónoma Barcelona, UAB)


20 11 Master Degree in Coaching and Self-leadership (Universitat Barcelona, UB)


201 8 Certificate of "Spanish Teacher Training - Spanish as a Foreign Language: levels A1-C2 " (Tía Tula and Instituto Cervantes)


2018 Certificate of "ICT of Teaching ELE" (Tía Tula and Instituto Cervantes)

Experience: 15 years

About me

I was born in a small village near Barcelona, in Spain. But I have been living in different countries: Ireland, Egypt, Thailand. I really love traveling around the world.


I am an enthusiastic person, I consider myself a student of life, always learning about myself and the world. I really love kids, they are pure joy and I see myself always surrounded by them, becouse I love their energy.


Teaching Spanish to foreigners is an open window for meeting new people and new cultures, and it is so enriching for me. My favourites words are sharing, peace, love and consciousness.


What about my experience? Well, mostly I have been teaching at home for more than 15 years to kids, teenagers and adults, and all kind of subjects: English, Spanish, Maths, Science, university exams entrance... But also, I have experience working in a public primary school, teaching English in an extracurricular program for almost 3 years. Another 3 years working for Language Schools, teaching kids and adults in their workplace.


I really feel passionate about teaching and people!


This year I decided to focus in teaching only Spanish and use the tools of educational technology, it's a huge door of possibilities for teaching in a new way, more engaging and more fun, and of course, more efficient and fast to get the language.


Through the years I left behind the old style, and I was more interested in experiencing a language, and I updated myself in the world of technology. I use blended learning methodology in my courses, it's a fantastic way to go deeper in a language after class, and to reinforce what you have been learning in online classes. Without effort and without realizing you will be speaking Spanish sooner than you expected!!!


I teach kids, teenagers and adults, in all levels. The materials of my class are developed for every age and level. If you commit 10 classes or more, you are going to have a complete course of your level for working after classes for free.


Kids from 8 - 12 years old, levels A1/A2

Teenagers from 13 - 18 years old, levels A1/ A2/ B1

Adults from 16 and above, levels A1/ A2/ B1


For advanced learners (B2 / C1 / C2), I teach conversational classes about self-development, my other passion besides teaching. I have a Master Degree in Coaching and self-leadership, so I can help to my students (any age) to develop their critical thinking and self-steem. It's a good way to improve your Spanish faster.

 If you want to know more about me, just watch this video:

 !Un saludo, nos vemos en las clases de español, hasta pronto!