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nick BronwynHD
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I studied at the University of the Free State in South Africa. I graduated with a distinction in a B.A. degree in Communication Science with specialisation in Media studies and Journalism. My minors during my degree were English Literature and Philosophy in which I graduated top of my class for both. I am currently writing a thesis on how metal music is an alternative form of confessional poetry. I am passionate about poetry and literature in general and was awarded best student in my faculty for my 2nd and 3rd year of university.

During my final year in university I tutored first year students for the Department of English. The main focus of these lessons was Literature although there were a few Linguistic aspects included. My aim during these sessions was to make the content (which could at times seem archaic and irrelevant) relatable and engaging. I was particularly passionate about igniting a love of poetry in my students.

This past year I have been working as a Homeroom teacher for 9-10 year old girls at a school in Thailand. I taught them Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Health, I.T. , STEM and Art and Music. The programme that I worked with in this school was part of a drive to incorporate ESL teaching into the everyday classroom. During this time I developed an understanding of each student's unique learning methods and I learned how to cater to each individuals needs while still teaching the base content.

Experience: 2 years

About me

Book a 30 minute free trial lesson through BuddySchool and get to know my teaching style.

I am a 24 year old Native English speaker with a B.A. degree in Communication Sciences. During my final year in University I tutored English Literature to 1st year University students and for the past year I have been a TEFL teacher at a girls school in Thailand. I have a very good grasp on the English language and I am passionate about teaching it to others. 

In the free trial lesson (or our first lesson) I will establish your goals and expectations for this course and together we will create a unique study programme based around your needs.

We can focus on the more technical aspects of the English language such as Grammar or we can develop your accent, vocabulary and general use of English. I also offer lessons tailored to certain themes such as Holidays, Work Place Vocab or Conversational English. 

I believe in an interactive teaching style which includes conversation. I will not simply be lecturing you on a topic while you take down notes, I encourage participation. As part of my lessons I would like to include after class activities such as a short analysis or excersise which we would then discuss in the next lesson (this element is optional and you may opt out of it).

I hope that by working together with you I can not only increase your mastery of the English Language but to also develop a passion for the language and its uses.