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Arabic (Modern Standard or Egyptian)

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nick Ibrahimsalman
country Egypt
languages Arabic, English


    • Aswa n Faculty of Education.
    • 2007 - 2008
             Teaching English methodology 
    • Aswa n Faculty of Education
    • 2006 - 2007
              Education Technology. 
    • Aswa n Faculty of Education
    • 2002 - 2006
              Bachelor's - English 

Experience: 4 years

About me

About Me

Hello. I am an Egyptian certified Arabic teacher to non-native speakers.I have been teaching Arabic since 2014. I am new to BuddySchool but I am a member teacher on Itaki,Verbling and Preply and taught hundreds of classes there. I am here to help you learn Arabic.. As a teacher I know the challenges which a new language learner faces. My degree in Education has benefited me to help the students develop language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. I am a highly motivated and experienced tutor with a strong background in providing professional tutoring services to students with diverse backgrounds.

Me as a Teacher

I am seeking to enhance your understanding and comprehensive use of the Arabic language while engaging in friendly and relaxed classes. I`d be happy to meet you and create a plan that is based on your Arabic learning goals. If you have any questions, you can send me a message. I`d love to help you.

My Lessons & Teaching Style

My teaching style incorporates friendly and relaxed classes which encourage students to speak freely. I use a special platform for online teaching where you will be able to see, listen and read from my screen and you will be able to write your answers on my screen in an interactive way. I work with beginners all the way to proficiency level. During the past two years I developed excellent knowledge of providing customized tutoring services to students.
P.S.: Check the cancellation policy .

Teaching Material
  • PDF file
  • Text Documents
  • Audio files
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  • Video files
  • Flashcards
  • Articles and news
  • Graphs and charts
  • Homework assignments

you will learn Modern Standard Arabic( Fusha).I am using 
(Mastering Arabic) 
(At Takallum ) an integrated series in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

The author of the best in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers in 2017.

General series goals
This series is generally aimed at mastering the student for all language skills from beginner to advanced level so that at the end able to:
1. communicate with the daily life of the language spoken and listening.
2. communicate with the media and read the language of listening and understanding.
3. To communicate with the Arab heritage language listening, reading and understanding.
4. rhetoric and improvisation.
5. Functional and creative writing.
6. Technical and aesthetic taste.
7. Proficiency in written copies and board.
, or any textbook you prefer. The materials I am using develop the four skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Or you can Learn:

Arabic (Egyptian) Description

Learn Egyptian Arabic from a native Egyptian teacher in a conversational way using books,audio and films. You will experience innovative ways for presenting the language . I am using Kallimni Arabi series . A comprehensive course of 5 books from the beginning to the advanced level.