English Conversation: Food industry Interview and jobs (Native Speaker)

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nick terryonline
country United States
languages English



TESOL - Business English
TESOL - Computer Learning

BA degree - Illustration Major, Fine Art Minor, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA

Special Method training - Wall Street English - Shanghai, China


___EXPERIEN CE (Teaching & Food Industry)

  • English Teacher for adults - Wall Street English - Shanghai, China
  • Private English tutoring - around the world
  • Group art gallery tours as English classes - Shanghai, China
  • Group art workshops for community centers in Brazil and Indonesia. 
  • Private workshops and group presentations about art, world culture - USA, Brazil and China.
  • Worked for many years in the food industry, as a service person and food arranger in restaurants and high-end catering - California, USA
  • Formal bartending classes - USA
  • Lots of experience with, and passion for, anything artistic or food related!
  • Travel abroad -  I enjoy getting to know the local people, cuisine and culture - over 12 countries

Experience: 20 years

About me

DISCOUNTS...  pay for 3 classes, and get the 4th class free

Food industry has special vocabulary.

To be respected and effective in any business, it's essential that your vocabulary and idioms are persuasive and appropriately formal or informal. 

TUTORING FOCUS ...  Professional and persuasive food industry vocabulary and interview preparation for the USA.  You will do most of the talking so you can be more comfortable with conversation.

You can choose any topic per class...

   General food topics:

  • Catering versus restaurant business.
  • Top 10 cooking tools and methods
  • Describe flavors, texture and appearance of food. 
  • Describe how to cook or prepare food
  • How to write a recipe for the USA
  • Discuss different international cuisines
  • Discuss your favorite Chefs or cooking philosophy
  • Food as art
  • Cheese wine and bread


   Interview topics:

  • 10 powerful verbs for business and management
  • Practice answering the top 10 interview questions
  • Practice asking the interviewer questions
  • Review how to improve your resume / CV
  • Practice talking about your resume / CV
  • Better describe or advertise your food products or services to English speakers
  • Discuss food culture in California, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • General conversation about your lifestyle and favorite activities. 

I'm a native English speaker from the USA. I have: a neutral accent, clear pronunciation and excellent grammar.  I speak American English, but also know a lot of British English.  

I love helping people develop skills to improve their lives! 

I frequently travel and live abroad.  I'm a creative artist, web designer and educator, working formally and informally around the world, in both big cities and small rural villages.

I worked for many years in the food industry, as a service person and food decorator in restaurants and high-end catering.  


See the "Experience"  for more topics we could discuss.