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Wireless communications: Basics and principles

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nick sonku2017
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi


I am Soumyadeep from India, a postgraduate professional and a former assistant professor in electronics and telecommunication engineering. I have been into teaching for over 6 years and glad to tell that I have been acknowledged by most students and institutions for my courses and classes.

I have three international journal publication and three international conference publications in the latest OFDM technology for 5G communicaitons.

Being a member of the IEEE: wireless society and chapters my goal always has been in aquiring knowlwdge and guiding students in knowing this subject in a better way for preparing themselves in research publications and career in this domain.

Fomerly i have conducted tutoring lessons in USA,UK and japan in this subjects and also currently guiding and helping students in major universities for this subject.

Experience: 8 years

About me

Wireless communications have been into our life for over 100 years after its invention. Nowadays it has advanced progressively to latest 5G technology and radio astrnomy to detect galaxies in universe

Learn about the basic principles of wireless communication in my course work whcih includes the following lessons.

  • Introducrion to wireless communications
  • Capacity of channel
  • Losses in wireless communications
  • Spread spectrum analysis
  • Space communication and antenna concepts
  • Digital communication techniques
  • Multicarrier modulation techniques
  • Mobile and cellular communication
  • Adhoc wireless communication
  • Advancements in wireless communications

Complimentary notes and references are also provided for better understanding and self practice in the subjects.

Each lessons shall be concluded each week with practical applications and a test exam which is analogous to university exams for a better preparation.

Wish to join in my course for a better assistance do ping or mail me

skype id : soumyadeep82

FB :

watsapp : 9681339241