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Science / Math

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nick maharamasami7
country India
languages English, Tamil


Math Teacher, 2015- 2017

Arokiamatha matriculation school

Responsibilitie s:

    • Taught three mathematic sections including Statistics, Trigonometry, and Statistics.
    • Created comprehensive lesson plans incorporating various methods of teaching to ensure pupils are actively engaged and understand the materials.
    • Collabora ted with colleagues to integrate new activities and allocate effectively the available resources.
    • Developed and introduced an enrichment program for students who were not quite equipped to move on to the next level.


Math Teacher, 2011 – 2014

YWCA matriculation school

Responsibilitie s:

    • Handle d mathematics classes including   Introduction to Trigonometry, as well as Geometry and Algebra classes.
    • Implemented stimulating lessons to engage students’ attention and interest, allowing them to develop a passion for the subject.
    • Utilized several teaching methods and techniques to guarantee the solid understanding of concepts introduced and taught.
    • Offered after-school tutoring to aid struggling students to improve their academic performance.
    • Partici pated in student-teacher conferences, meetings.

Experience: 4 years

About me

  1. Adapted at the creation of a stimulating learning environment for students to study in
  2. Possess a genuine enthusiasm and passion for teaching math
  3. Knowledge of online learning platforms and how they assist students with learning outside of the classroom
  4. Excellent subject knowledge
  5. Proficient in the use of new media such as the internet to promote interactive learning
  6. Competent in the use of the latest teaching methods and techniques
  7. Admirable ability to maintain high standards of discipline and behavior in the classroom while maintaining an approachable demeanor
  8. Outstanding classroom management skills
  9. Willingness to go the extra mile and stay after class as needed
  10. Clever use of innovative and resourceful teaching methods to suit the special needs of an individual or group
  11. Willingness to supervise extracurricular student activities and after-school events
  12. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills