Math courses from 7th grade until 1st year of Uni courses/ Clases de matematicas

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nick MathsProfes.sor
country Spain
languages Catalan; Valencian, English, Spanish


I am David, a last year student of the Mathematics degree at University of Valencia. I have tutored students during the last 3 years with great success, usually my students range from 14 years to 20 years of age, but I am willing to open up and teach older folks.  I think that one of my strongest points is trying to explain mathematics as the history of the question that gave birth to the current views of mathematics. This may seem that makes the topic harder but it actually  the opposite, since understandig is different that memory.


Soy David y estoy apunto de graduerme en Matematicas en la Universidad de Valencia, durante los ultimos tres años he estado dande clases particulares con cierto exito. De normal doy clase a estudiantes de secundaria. Pero no me importaria probar a dar clases a gente mas mayor.

Experience: 3 years

About me

I can give classes comfortably from all the topics until the first year of University. But please tell me the subject that you want to be taught in advance so I  can have the material ready and you can take the most out of your buck. I am not native speaker but when I was a teenager I lived in the U.S for 4 years,

Puedo dar clases de todos los topicos hasta el primer curso de Universidad. Porfavor digame lo que quieres estudiar antes de dar la clase, ya que asi puedo tener el material preparado y aprovecharas mas el tiempo. Lo siento por los acentos, pero el teclado que tengo es americano.