Profesora de Ingles - nativa, titulada (TEFL) y con experiencia

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nick InglesConJulie
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I have taught English for over 2 years. I am TEFL-certified. My teaching approach is a synthesis of the direct and communicative approach. As a teacher who is comfortable and has adopted a conversational teaching style, I believe that this is the most effective way to motivate a class. In order to facilitate a conversation, or a discussion, which involves the exchange of ideas, it encourages a higher level of understanding and learning. The communicative approach can be difficult for students who are accustomed to the more traditional or direct approach through lectures and assessments through exams. In the communicative approach, the answers of the real or daily life. Therefore, students are motivated to learn by being motivated to communicate meaningfully in significant ways.

Experience: 3 years

About me

En vez de intentar que el alumno memorice listas de palabras y gramática, aplico el modelo relacional que consigue que el alumno aprenda a asociar ideas y conceptos y tenga una gran capacidad expresive incluso con menos nivel. Reduzco dramáticamente el tiempo de aprendizaje y consigo que en mis clases se practique todo el tiempo lo aprendido a través de la interacción. 

Trabajo con la comunidad de profesores Oxinity, lo cual significa que en mis clases utilizo recursos y materiales muy variados e interesantes, ya que los hacemos entre todos y nos preocupamos de que el alumno siempre tenga material actualizado, relevante y atractivo.


Instead of trying to memorize lists of words and grammar, I apply the relational model that allows the student to learn to associate ideas and concepts and have a great expressive capacity even with less level. I dramatically reduce the time of learning and I get all my time to practice what I learned through the interaction.

I work with the community of Oxinity teachers, which means that in my classes I use very varied and interesting resources and materials, since we do them together and we worry that the student always has updated, relevant and attractive material.