electronics engineering, electronic devices and circuits, digital circuits, network theory, engineering maths, control system, signal and system

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nick neha003s
country India
languages English, Hindi


I have been born an raised in India by my mother who is also a teacher. I have done my degree in Electronics and communication engineering. I always had a zest for teaching from clearing doubts of classmates to teach my younger ones, because I always surrounded by teachers in school as well as at the home. Ever since I was young I always had good teachers so I know several methods of teaching from going in-depth and rigorous but the more static way of teaching to a more dynamic way of teaching a more fluid way of teaching which touches more concepts but left certain things for students to pick it up. I combine the best of their teaching methods. When I teach. I give room for a student to reason out certain things while being thorough on others.

I believe that every student is different and every student has different needs different wants and according to me the attempt made while teaching should not solve a given problem at hand but to make sure that any variants any level of complexity of the same type of problem can be solved by the students.

Experience: 1 years

About me

I love to teach core technical subjects. Electronics is not just a current-voltage related device for me, it is an expression of how well you understand any device. The entirety of Electronics engineering lies in the understanding of the concepts that underlie every topic and scenario every single device. More often than not, these concepts are actually fairly easy to understand and to explain. And I explain most of my subjects in engineering by the help of numerous examples, trying to introduce increasing levels of complexity in each example, in order to build a solid understanding of the concepts in these subjects, and in time, the topic.

The way to effectively explain to an individual is to understand and correct his or her assumptions of the nature of the particular aspect of engineering subjects. For example, in the case of

digital circuits- it is all logic gates based situations either 0 or 1 including number system.

electronic devices and circuits- everything is based on the material of the device and how it is responding to the current or voltage supply.

network theory- In this subject I will teach you with numerous examples that how every single circuit acts on power supply including graph theory, all theorems.

control system- This is my one of the favourite subject. In this subject, I will teach you how the system works on the noises, disturbances. root locus and Routh Hurwitz are my favourite topics. you will definitely enjoy this subject.