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nick lauraceban
country United Kingdom
languages English, Romanian, Russian


My tutoring experience started 3 years ago as a mentor at IntoUniversity, where I was assigned group of 10 students aged 8-12. For a year, every week I have been introducing them to a variety of subjects such as Engineering, Art, Geometry etc.

Afterwards, I have been focusing on private tutoring 5 secondary school students in Maths, English and Sciences. In the last year I have been an Education Advisor for an education start-up focusing on English and University applications.


Education-wise, I have completed my A-levels in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Further Maths, receiving A*A*AA respectively. At the moment I am studying BSc Economics at the LSE where I am in my third year. My first year results were: 1st in Math, 1st in Statistics, 2:1 in Economics and 2:1 in Russian. My second year courses were: Microeconomic Principles II, Macroeconomic Principles, Principles of Econometrics and Psychology of Crime.



Experience: 3 years

About me

Hi there, I am Laura and I am a third-year Economics student at LSE. Originally from Moldova, I moved to London 5 years ago and did my A-levels in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Further Maths. I am a passionate learner and a spontaneous yet perfectionist person.In my work and study life i always try to complete all tasks neatly and on time to a high standard, but in my spare time I am the happiest when the fun comes in a messy and unexpected way.

I live my youth trying to discover and experience the impossible, so outside of being an academic, I am a traveller and a foodie! As a tutor, my aim is to help students re-discover the love for knowledge and inspire them to pursue it beyond their school lives.

Borrowing from the best teachers I had myself, I think being creative with your styles is the best thing. Not all the students are the same and you’ll have to connect with them personally to understand the way they learn. You might have to study and implement a complete new teaching style for a student, but that’s the fun of being a tutor- you also develop yourself in the process of teaching. So anything from repetition, diagrams and mini-tests is on the table :)