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nick Claudiafung
country Hong Kong
languages Chinese, English


About me

I studied the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and graduated this year 2019. I studied psychology HL, English B HL, Physics SL, chemistry HL mathematics SL and Chinese A Language and Literature SL. I personally find psychology, mathematics to be the most interesting subjects among all the others and I am predicted a grade 7 for the two subjects. My predicted grade is 43 over 45, predicted 7 in physics, chemistry, psychology and mathematics. I was also rewarded as the student who has the best accomplishment in physics at my school. I have always loved the way to deal with mathematics and physics because I will always find a sense of success and accomplishment. Moreover, I believe psychology could really be an interesting and amusing subject if you understand it and find the right way to learn it.

I am an enthusiastic and friendly person who loves to teach and guide others. With the right way and attitude to learn, I believe you could find your interest in studying instead of boredom. I will definitely do my very best to help you go through your problems.

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About me

Some people said Cantonese might be the toughest language to learn in the world unless you were born to be a Chinese because there is written and spoken forms. However, if you have a clear goal on where or in which occasion you want to speak Cantonese, it would be much easier. 

During the lesson, practising spoken Cantonese will be the first priority of all, including some commonly used words or phrases. We could also move on to written Cantonese if you want to. I believe you can definitely speak Cantonese fluently soon or later!