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3D Modelling Tuition - 3ds Max, Blender 2.80 etc...

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nick James3d
country United Kingdom
languages English, Spanish


James Abell ​
3D artist/designer/maker with over 16 years of commercial industry experience in 3D/2D graphics, traditional methods, 3D printing, laser-cutting commercial projects and training others. Featured in articles in 3D World magazine twice, Channel 4 film festivals and art competitions. I always striving to learn more and improve my technical skills and creative ideas. I love creatively working with the latest technologies.
Extensive “Maker Technology Skills 
- 3D printing Ultimakers/Prusa 3D printers
- 3D printing, mesh optimisation and setting up, maintenance and operating the printer, experience of thousands of 3D prints and also optimised for metal prints on Shapeways.com I also own my own 3D printer
- Laser Cutter extensive use with various machines including Trotecs, Laserscript, Epilog
- Roland Vinyl Cutter
- Microelectronics Arduinos, Makey Makeys and BBC Microbits Traditional Drawing
real life and concept sketches, lifetime experience advanced level #draweveryday - Traditional maker skills/knowledge wood, TIG/soldering/metalwork and woodwork skills Software -
- 3Ds Max 2017,over 16 years of commercial experience
- Blender 2.80 over 5 years of experience using some features in commercial projects
- Substance Painter / Substance Designer intermediate to high skill
- Other software Inkscape/Krita/Gimp, modo, make human
- Zbrush 4R7 High level of skill
- Adobe Photoshop Suite Premiere CC Unity Unreal Engine
- Green screen set up and photo skills
- Fusion 360
- DaVinci Pro Resolve Skill Level = High level of skill
- Wordpress and HTML creation/maintenance/SEO of my own sites Other Skills -
- Presentation Skills, speaking and communication workshops, presentations, online
- Content writing and marketing for my blog
- Social media/SEO/marketing especially maintaining my twitter feed @jamesabellart and Youtube channel
Selected Work History July 2017 - July 2018
Development of work of this personal commercial project and promotion through landing pages. First image was displayed on the IO9 website. FabLab Devon Technician Contract (Barnstaple Library North Devon, Libraries Unlimited part of UP Potential Funding)
Roles -
- Inducting and Workshop creation for 3d printing, laser cutter, vinyl cutter, microelectronics,
- Upkeep of machines
- Setting up and creating outreach workshops, advising on how a FabLab could fit into a library setting.
- Liaising with potential clients and production of art projects and installations for libraries unlimited clients
- Administration work related to the functioning of the FabLab within the library.
Responsible for upkeep of FabLab machines, welcoming and promoting the fablab development and execution of workshops outreach and marketing. November 2016 - July 2017
- Bank Lecturer in digital design at the UHI Fort William Campus from December 2016 to July 2017
- Freelance work 1999 to present
- FabLab London big visualisation stills for a “millionaire” FabLAB NDA work February 2017 Other 3D graphics work for them since 2019
-Selling various stock imagery, including offshore visualisations for Open University training manuals.
- Product Design, 3D visuals and 3D test prints for packaging for a micro bit FabLab London for Barclays bank, NDA (images not released) June 2015
-  AWS provided visuals for Wave Swing USA for which they attained third prize late 2016
- AWS Oceans, visualisation of their multi million pound wave R&D wave energy devices
- ITI Energy Think Tank Aberdeen corporate animation of their offshore wind/wave device proposal ‘Trade Winds’ 2009  - Other work including Honeywell, providing a mesh to Houston NASA of the Hubble Space Telescope upon their request, a robotics company, museums, exhibition designers
- Design and maintenance of my own websites, marketing and SEO Self Managed Workshops And Tuition
- Cities Of Imagination, Using Digital, Traditional And Maker Technologies,  multiple locations since 2014 including FabLab Devon,  FabLab Ísafjörður Iceland, Lur Festival Iceland, FabLab London, EchoFab Montreal Canada, TechCube Edinburgh, Tribe Porty Portobello, The South London Makerspace, the Fort William Comic
-Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire 2016 “Imaginary City Growth Project” in 2017 I am running a similar event there
- “Time To Shine”, digital workshops at the Dundee Arts Centre, June 2015 Scotland.
- Blender Basics and Blender Advanced Features Workshops for FabLabs, various locations including UK, Canada and Iceland
- Lecturing/tutoring 3D graphics and maker technology various locations for workshops and consultancy work including summerhall, ann lanntair, the dundee arts centre, Echo Fab Montreal, Iceland
- My YouTube learning channel, teaching digital and traditional art techniques  2013 to now
- Ongoing clients Skype/offline 3D teaching and consultation Art Residencies/Events
 - FabLab Ísafjörður Iceland,  three months, product project and full use of all maker machines and also managing the FabLab, helping with marketing and organising workshops April to June 2016
- Westfjords Spring Group Residency, Thingeri, Iceland May 2016
- FabLab London Resident Artist July/August 2015 Dymaxion Map
- EchoFab, Fab Lab, Montreal Canada Resident artist/designer at for three weeks, Montreal, Québec,Canada April 2015
I took time to do these residencies so that I could  master maker skills, gain knowledge of maker industries and apply them to my creative skillset.
- Museomix, Derby, England Our team designed an exhibit for the Rolls Royce Turbine, a 4 day event I contributed to the project by ideas, brainstorming and also creation of an animation of the turbine with airflow arrows that was projected onto the floor. November 2014 Selected Publications
- I09 Science Fiction Gizmodo Blog showed my work
- 3D World Magazine Artist interview April issue 2016  article about my 3D print
- How To Create Cities Of The Imagination self published Kindle E Book
- 3D World Magazine February 2002 Main exhibitionist and showreel Exhibitions/Film Festivals
- Glasgow MCM Comic Con September 2018
- Various art solo shows in Edinburgh, Curious Gallery, Daler Rowney
- Cunard Liner  Sculpture competition Cunard and The Daily Telegraph, shortlisted entry
- Structures Like the Leaves Animated Science Fiction Film- Channel 4 ‘Rolling Stock’ Link YouTube 2005
- Unleash The Talent Online Film Festival - Channel 4/Tango. Creation of Short Animated Science Fiction Film Ant Colony 5 2002. Education
- I take regular online 3D graphics courses such as Learnsquared, Gleb Alexandrov, other courses to keep my 3D graphics skills up to date and for new ideas
- Edinburgh College of Art Metalwork/Sculpture Summer School course 2011
- Welding For Beginners Varis Training, Nairn Scotland 2010
- Edinburgh College Of Art BA (Honours Applied Design). Interior Architecture/Design 1999
- Edinburgh College Of Art First Year Studies 1992 Pastimes/Interests
Visiting museums and art galleries, swimming, hiking, urban sketching sketching #draweveryday, figure drawing, world travel, making commercial projects/ideas at FabLabs/Makerspaces
References Available On Request 

Experience: 16 years

About me

Hello I offer -

- Blender 2.80
- 3DS Max 2019
- Substance Painter/Designer
- Traditional Drawing
- 3D Printing
With each individual learner, I try to find what they want. Be it a qualification, entry to an art college or their own personal or commercial aims. Learners in the past have been really pleased with their experiences. Past students have included artists, directors, illustrators, game makers and also enthusiasts.
I am a professional artist/designer so I have to keep up with all the latest tools. You can be sure you will get the most relevant information from me. I have years of experiences of running workshops with 3D graphics and also teaching online.