Chemistry (Inorganic,Organic and Physical Chemistry)

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Science / Chemistry

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nick MounikaRagini
country India
languages English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu


  • Teaching students from 10-15 years old the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Assisting pupils in meeting grade targets.
  • Created activities to show relationship between chemistry concepts and everyday life.
  • Experienced in modeling and emphasizing the inquiries and approach to scientific understanding, and increase ability to evaluate physical phenomena Experience
  • Working alongside my colleagues to provide consistent education for all students
  • Regularly performing experiments and teaching students how to replicate the experiments under safe conditions
  • Marking homework, quizzes and tests weekly
  • Educating students on the health and safety regulations in a lab
  • Responsible for creating and designing PowerPoint presentations weekly for each individual class on varying subjects
  • Responsible for creating booklets and worksheets for my students to work on
  • Organising and delivering training sessions
  • Providing the feed back to the students inthe areas where they are strong and the areas where they are lagging and would like to take a feed back from them too to improve my teaching.

Experience: 4 years

About me

I have enjoyed an extensive career teaching secondary school students Chemistry, which has allowed me to gain substantial knowledge and expertise in educating young student in

  • Inorganic, organic and 
  • physical chemistry

 Not only I am strong in the Sciences, my years of teaching have vastly improved my teaching abilities. I also believe that my friendly personality and calm temperament are very harmonious with the requirements of a good teacher. My communication skills are excellent; as are my interpersonal skills—which are useful during interactions with students, parents and school administrators alike.