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nick BuddyTutor19
country United States
languages English, French, Spanish


English Bachelor's Degree studies.
University George V Paris, France

Various teaching and tutoring classes.


Experience: 10 years

About me

Are you frustrated with French as a student? Do you feel everyone in your French class gets it but you? Are you worried about your end-of-semester French exams?

Have you tried to take some online classes but still find yourself unable to have even a simple conversation in French?

Or do you simply want to learn French for the first time for a vacation trip you want to fully enjoy or for work (like a French conference)?

What you need is a tutor who is able to take you at your level and work with you so you achieve your goal in French, whether that's acing your French tests, feeling comfortable in your French class, reading the French newspapers or magazines, have a conversation with French natives, understand French TV or a French movie or simply be able to enter a store or a restaurant in France or French Canada, ask for what you need and be understood as well as understand the questions they ask you.

I am a native Frenchman, a translator by trade and a French book author. Over the years I have tutored a number of French as well as English students and I have worked for many companies and translation agencies on often highly targeted translations between the two languages.

I have visited and lived on four different continents and on any given week I speak, read and write French, English and Spanish. I also lived in Germany for some time. When necessary for traveling I’ve also learned some Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

Over the years I have found that West-European languages often have similar patterns and logic. You can use those similarities and that logic to learn faster and more efficiently.

Do you know that almost 30% of English words come from the French language?
You have without a doubt heard, and maybe used, the French expressions “Bon voyage” or “Déjà vu”.
Do you know that “Entrepreneur”, “Menu”, “Chauffeur”, “Barbecue”, “Brunette”, “Café” and many more English words are pure French words the English adopted without any modifications?
Do you know that the French word for “Weekend” is...”Weekend” and that French people use verbatim words like ”Parking”, “Sandwich” or “Jogging”?

As you can see if you speak English you are already speaking French. All you need is the proper guidance and instruction coupled with a solid progression plan and an interactive pronunciation method to quickly learn French and reach your language goals.

What you need is immersion; actual French conversations of every day that are easy to pronounce and to understand because we explain them thoroughly, we practice speaking like a native and we link the words to the English, which you already know.

Repetition without clear explanations of what each word and expression means will leave you clueless as to what is happening in the conversation. A full explanation and dissecting of the phrases without practice will find you mute when it’s time to speak up. Together, we’ll do both. You will understand French and practice what you understand so it comes out effortlessly and with obvious confidence when you are with French speakers.

Contact me now and tell me what you need! Let’s have fun together to discover and master the rich and fascinating French language.